Saturday, January 30, 2010

look behind you, there's a falling sky - I'm on fire!

So; as all of you fellow Aussies know.. its BIG DAY OUT TIME :)

and Adelaide - it was our turn yesterday!

so many amazing performers such as LILY ALLEN (big love, if you can't already tell!) Ladyhawke (amazing NZ artist) Kasabian, Blue Juice, Midnight Juggernauts.. Peaches! JET.. and the lovely Lisa Mitchell :)

It was a pleasant 28 Degrees Celsius or so.. (even though my sunburnt shoulder is telling another story..) and it was truly an amazing day :)

          My Boyfriend Dan & I


 My friends -- i'm in the middle :) (wearing a Bardot Dress) (oh.. and i'd like to                                             think my sunnies are REAL Ray Bans - but $10 on Ebay -- COMEON! -- my boyfriend has amazing ones which fold up! (pictured above) amazing!)


Midnight Juggernauts

 i love Adelaide. i really do :)

LOVE Sophie xo!

(oh.. has it really been this long since i blogged?! New photo uploader! yay!)

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