Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You found a sweater on the ocean floor

Bardot heart tshirt, topshop blouse in background, Dune bow flats

Dear Australia,
Why is it raining ? And cold enough for me to wear jeans?
There is something seriously wrong with the weather. Its NEVER usually below like, 30 atleast in december, january and february.
Whatevs. (I know.. i probably shouldnt say that aloud/write it in a public space)

Anyway, nothings really going on at the moment. Big Day Out has been and gone :(.. but was ammmazzzing by the way.

It was my mums birthday the other day.. and because I'm the best daughter in the world, i gave her what she really wanted... SUSAN BOYLES CD. i know, its laughable. Oh and a home cooked meal by myself.
Chose my own version of Paella, as I have a fond memory of it from Barcelona with Sophie!

OKKK, lets be honest, the photo looks shit. But since when is anything similar to Risotto glamourous.
If your wondering what it is, goooogggllle it, im sure youl find a recipe.
Or if you cant be bothered.,, just put like: Onions, Garlic, Assorted Vegetables (i chose Zuchini, Peas, Carrot, Tomato etc), Lots of blended tomato, Fish Stock, White Fish, Prawns, rice.. and I cant remember what else.. but put it in a flat bottomed pan and cook it.
Anyway, it tasted good. Not as good as the super salty traditional one we had cooked for us by an amazing chef.. but still delicious!

And thats about all. Except
 This is an Orb spider.
I was about 30cm away from having that on my face. You can imagine my reaction so I wont go into details.
Its not all that huge, only like half the size of your palm, so it could be worse. But still, faces and spiders should never mix.
And thats your lesson on arachnids for today.

Looove Hannnahhh x

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  1. Love the sheer cut-out in that tee. And Vampire Weekend lyric title? Nice. :)