Monday, January 11, 2010

Dinner Date

Just a quick post :) Had a lovely mexican dinner date with the sweetest boyfriend tonight. Im really struggling getting dressed in the mornings with this heat.. Adelaide is currently in a heat wave :( Today was an unpleasant 40degreesC (104F).
Anyway, heres what i wore..

Frilly H&M top
Sportsgirl button skirt
Witchery Black heels.

Ok, i lied, i didnt actually wear the heels :( it was my plan, but unfortunately yesterday i sliced the bottom of my foot open on some rocks while out cliff jumping (photos of that another time!) so i stuck to flats.
And please notice the awefully embarrasing blotchy sunburn on my legs.. i dont know how it happened!

And you may just notice..or not.. that i got a rather shorter haircut while in europe.



  1. Cute outfit!! What camera do you have?

  2. I love your make-up. Very nice.

  3. Marisa - Thannksss :) and I have a canon 450D

    and thanks april :)

  4. Your eye make up is gorgeous. Lovely outfit too. I often do that with heels - I always opt for flats right at the very last minute! I don't have any cliff diving excuses though... I'm just horrible with heels haha.