Monday, January 4, 2010


Dear all!
THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. jokes, im not a huge fan of cliches etc.

But on a sentimental note; Welcome to 2010, a year which will no doubt create many amazing memories for everyone and I hope will be better than 2009.. which i almost think is impossible because it was pretty amazing!

But yes, after the most amazing, expensive, adventurous, eye-opening (etc) 3.5 month experience of our lives, which took us to a total of 18 different countries, Sophie and I have now returned back to the comfort of home, Australia ! Which we missed dearly!

We have been back exactly 2 weeks, which has absolutely flown by.

I (Hannah) dont really have any christmas day photos to share.. i was the one behind the lense. But New Years I have a few! My new years wasnt like usual,, as it was also my boyfriends 21st party.. no, sorry no fashionable dresses to show,, because it was a CAPE PARTY!
Gemma (bf's sister, and bestfriend of mine) and I made our own pirate inspired capes ;P
Hannah (me!)
Gemma, Rachacia, Karina, Myself (halfway through blinking )

And I would like to apologise, unfortunately Jared and I only had like 2 photos together on the whole night.. i know, terrible right??! but the apology is for the photo that i have to put up.. im just apologising because i know how much some people hate public affection.. so OHEMGEE, hes kissing my cheek. You'll survive!
Please admire his cape, Gemma and Myself spent forever and a day making it.. was totally worth it, looked amazing., if i may say so myself.

and the sad thing is.. that I was so excited Sophie was coming.. but then she spent new years at home looking after a sick boyfriend of her very own :(

So yes,,, thats it really.

Hope everyone is well..!
Love Hannah xx

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