Thursday, September 17, 2009

Europe Week 1

Dear all,

Hello from Bath (England)!

First off.. apologies to those who arent are family and who dont care about massive ramblings.

This will be just a brief summary of our past week in England and a few photos to brighten it up a little bit.

Well first off, we left at a rediculous hour from adelaide (thankyou friends and family for making it down to farewell us anyway!). We then flew to Sydney and spent half a day sitting in the airport drinking coffee and eating which wasnt too bad!

Then we had a flight to Bangkok -- also not too bad. Unfortunately the stop over was only a very brief 30 minutes so we werent able to see the lovely airport in as much detail as we would have liked. BUT THENNN.. Once on the plain all set to take off to London on time.. some valve was faulty in the plane and needed replacing.. 3 times or something. But long story short.. We sat on a plane, for 4 HOURS IN DISGUSTING HEAT WITH LITTLE TO NO WATER OR AIRCONDITIONING. yeah, it was aweful.. essentially, we have learnt; do not fly british airways.. ever. Theyre aweful in every single way possible. In no way are we annoyed that the plane needed something replaced ; this is understandable, and we are very thankful that they take the safety warnings from the engine seriously.. but just their service and treatment of passengers in this time was disgusting.

Ok.. well after that stressful time, we landed safe and sound in Heathrow and were greeted by Hannah's Aunty Sue who took us back to her lovely home in Bath.

And for the past 5 days we have been exploring the streets and shops !

the streets of Bath are so breathtakingly beautiful! It feels as though we have stepped straight onto a movie set.. and the only things missing are the corsets and lovely romantic men to sweep us off our feet? haha.

we actually had some time to have the traditional Cream Tea - scones with jam & cream :) we also saw the fashion museum (AMAZING :) -- for us anyway!) and the Roman Bath's! OH and we have been doing a lot of shopping! Topshop IS amazing.. and we have made some purchases........... and some 'maybe i'll get this later' thoughts.

i (sophie) am not ashamed to say.. has probably been my highlight! :) how Keira Knightley!

anyway; we off on a Topdeck tour of the many countries of Europe! beginning in the wonderful France! :)

so; sorry for the dis-jointed post! we are trying to upload photos.. and pack.. and a do a numerous amount of other things!

hope everyone is having a wonderful week..

looooooove Sophie & Hannah xo!


  1. wow! Those corsets are insane! In a totally gorgeous way though, amazing! Bath looks lovely! You're very lucky to have family to stay with =)

    Enjoy France! That place is beautiful

  2. wow haha i love these pics! those corsets are mad! nice blog.