Sunday, October 11, 2009

Europe.. longest post ever,

Hello blog world.
So; it has been over 3 weeks since our last post, so we apologise as this will be painfully long!
On the 19th of September, we begain our 'European Getaway' with Topdeck tour company.
the trip was in total, 20 days long and we had 43 people in the group!

DAY 1 & 2: we drove from London to Paris, beginning with a night tour then spent the next day getting lost (literally in our case) in Paris, finishing with a picnic under the Eiffel Tower, and watching a traditional Latin cabaret show at night.

Day 3 & 4: off to Switzerland! (our FAVOURITE place!) a tiny village called Lauterbrunnen. We went for a bike ride the next day.. up in the mountains. It was beautiful! But - Sophie, being the horrible bike rider (my dad would be ashamed!) she is, struggled. But, after a hard day, we finished up with a bottle of French Champagne and a night walk into town, only to find the worlds best VENDING MACHINE. everything from pizza and chocolate to cigarettes and condoms :)..
and Cannabis Tea! - which is actually nice! believe it or not!

DAY 5 & 6: From Switzerland to Nice, French Riviera :) We went to beautiful Nice. it was SO HOT. we had to run before dinner to H&M to find some dresses just to keep us cool! We had dinner and then went to Waynes Bar! - an Australian bar! which was nice for us Aussies! The bext day Han and i spent doing laundry (more complicated than it sounds :S) and a bit of shopping :)

DAY 7 & 8: on our way to Italy! We stopped in Pisa.. took some lame but must-have Pisa photos... and enjoyed the fresh air before getting back on the bus to go to Florence!
We had a guided walking tour of Florence in the morning then spent the afternoon eating Gelati and looking through the rows and rows of markets! We then went back to the Camping Village and indulged ourselves in pizza and pasta!

DAY 9 & 10: ROMA! in the morning we explored the hilltop city of Orvieto, which was beautiful! then in the afternoon, took a walking tour of Rome, visiting the Spanish Steps.. the Aqua Duct.. which, i will add, Hannah FELL INTO. infront of a lot of tourists. :) then the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum! The next day we spent in the Vatican. We got a bit lost.. for a few hours.. not being able to find the exit! the Vatican was beautiful.. but i think we saw each room a million times over before finding our way out. so; a lot of Gelati and pasta later.. we took a good look in all the designer shops.. dreaming away.

DAY 11 & 12: Venice! On the first night.. we had a Toga Party! in the camping village pub - so much fun! :) and the next day.. Canal Cruises and wandering through the various shops in Venice :)
DAY 13: AUSTRIA! We had the option to do Canyoning!! so, four of us absailed down waterfalls, jumped from high rocks and slid backwards into pools.. and it was amazing! Austria was so beautiful and we were dissapointed to only spend one night there!
DAY 14 & 15: Prague is so beautiful! an amazing hostel and the buildings were just so beautiful! We spent the day roaming the streets.. and looking in the huge Gothic Castle looking over Prague. A cheap dinner with 2 of our amazing topdeck friends.. definately a 2nd favourite!
DAY 16 & 17: Berlin was great! another great hostel.. and we did a walking tour, going past a lot of Nazi buildings and Hitlers bunker. It was all so interesting to see! and DINNER. argh.. we have to RAVE about dinner. We went to a place, just accross the road from Wombats Hostel called 'Good Morning Vietnam'.. and it was SPECTACULAR. amazingamazingamazing food!
DAY 18 & 19: Amsterdammmm.
what more can we say?
what goes on in Amsterdam. Stays in Amsterdam.
not to worry, we did go and see the Anne Frank museum which was very interesting! if you are ever in Amsterdam - it's a must see! Her story is so sad..
(oh! but the 'coffee shop' we are in.. Brad Pitt and George Clooney filmed part of Oceans 13 there!!)
DAY 20: BACK TO LONDON. it was so sad leaving everyone on the tour.. especially becasue we hardly got to say goodbye to anyone! but it was such an amazing trip. Both of us are so glad we went on it, fantastic people and saw all the amazing sites :) :)
LONDON: So, we had a few days spare at the end to roam London a bit - saw the essential Oxford Circus and Buckingham Palace.. but we were in the end, very happy to finally get back to Bath :)
and thats us for now! we'll try and post a few more times in the coming weeks...!! If we actually have anything interesting to say!
we are planning for lots of R&R :)
so, ciao for now!
LOVE Sophie & Hannah xo!


  1. The Pisa photos made me laugh :) Looks like you're having a blast!

  2. Okay, wow.
    This looks like so, so much fun!
    Eep, I really want to travel to Europe one day!

  3. Heyyyy girls! I think I missed this post! Looks & sounds like you guys are having SOOOO much fun! I'm jealous. I can't believe you've been gone for 2 months already! It seems like you've been away forever, but it also feels like you left yesterday.

    I got your postcard yesterday, TOTALLY made my day =D

    I don't think we're going to get to Monaco on this trip but we are going to Paris. We're staying in Mont Marte, near the Sacre Couer, that big white church that's in Amelie... if you've seen it. No doubt you might have been there already.. =D

    5 sleeps to go! Not that I've been counting or anything >.> hehe xxx

  4. I lived in Florence for a month this summer so your Italy pictures are very familiar to me! Brings back good memories. :) Glad you loved it.