Thursday, September 10, 2009

just quickly!

Well hey theree :)

Ok,, so soph and I leave in approximately 36 hours!! (currently 1:43am) .. yes i know, its late.

And no, we are not organised in the slightest. havent even put a single item of clothing in my bag or anything. Friends and family of mine are probably muttering 'typical Hannah' or something under their breath.

But I just thought id just post a quick map of where we are going. Most of these destinations are on our tour but some we are visiting on our own. Anyway.. yeah those massive red dots .. thats where we are heading.
You should be able to click on it to get a better view if its small.

Yeah, i know, i could have done a better job than that, but you get the general gist anyway.

Anyway i need to go to bed. Soph and I plus our significant others are meeting for bruch tomorrow.
And then im apparently playing golf.. we'll see how that goes haha

Big love!! Our next post will probably be somewhere in Europe!!

xxxx take care everyone! xxxx


  1. Less clothes in bag = more room for shopping ;) Hope you have a fantastic trip!

  2. hooray for europe ! thanks for your nice comment . it makes us so happy to read them

  3. OHMYGODDDDD!!!!!!!! How FREAKING exciting. I'm INSANEly jealous - if you haven't gotten that picture already!

    Take as little as possible - if you can buy it over there, don't take it. Make the most of the shopping over there (even though it's pricey), that way your suitcase won't be too heavy when you come back. Remember chargers - put them in bags with labels on. And write a list of everything you've packed, so when you move from place to place you'll remember to pack it all. Take a powerboard too, if you have a few things that need charging/electricity.

    It's all advice I've been given before my travels. <3

    Have a BRILLIANT time. xxxx

  4. ohh you won't visit my home country! what a shame! have a great trip girls!

  5. Guys!!! wow, i completaly forgot you'd be in europe right now...have a AMAZING TIME :D :D can't wait to catch up with ya soph back home and compare europe stories haha xoxoxox