Friday, July 31, 2009

something of a dream.



if only I could live this way for the rest of my life.
...sleeping in and going out for coffee and lunch with my amazingBF. :)

oh, and wearing:
- Guess Sunglasses (BIGLOVE)
- Luca & Marc Jacket
- Sportsgirl Jeans (my most favey jeans ever! these babies were made as 3/4 length jeans, but fit me like normal ones - perfectly. i'm very challenged in the vertical.)

anyway; a whole 43 days until we leave!

hope you all had an amazing day!
love and stuff
Sophie xo!


  1. So pretty! I also love your boyfriend's sunglasses (AMAZING!)

  2. i can't remember the bus tour name now, it was raining heavenly so my uncle bough a load of tickets & i was told to jump on the bus! i'd say it was good to see London if you are only there for one day and don't have time to go to see all the places, but if you have more time ( a couple of days) no need for the bus as it was a very brief tour!

    hope that helps :)