Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hello :)

Hannah and I attended one of our friend's 18th dinner tonight.
we saw 'Public Enemies' - which we personally - don't think was anything to rave about. a lot of guns. and not the man kind. (though, Johnny Depp IS on the 'who i'd like to marry list')

anyway, after our dinner of a 'vegetable stack' - being the undedicated picky meat eater vegetarians that we are. (delicious!)

we then proceeded to take classy pictures in the bathroom..
with our amazing bestest friend, Sienna.

i (Sophie) am wearing my Living Doll dress - which i bought years ago - but have never worn.

and Hannah is wearing
- Temt top
- Sass & Bide Jeans :)

anyway, have a lovely Sunday!
love Sophie xo!

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  1. Sounds like so much fun to me! And the food looks delicious! x