Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i take you everywhere i go.

hi there :)

So guess who's a lucky girl? well.. me.. i am!! and yes, i would understand if you're jealous because I.GOT.FLOWERS.SATURDAY.MORNING :)
from my lovely boyfriend - who rocked up at my house on Saturday and surprised me with these pretty things!
We then went for a lovely countryside drive before making homemade pizza's for lunch.

Oh and in the process of taking 3 million photos of my flowers, how awesome is the lighting in this photo! These portraits of me will be my claim to fame when Sophie's a famous director of photography someday - they're her design work photos from year 12. (Mum wanted them framed haha).

Oh and a while back i got a lovely new emerald green cardigan.
Having already received compliments such as "i like your grandma cardigan" and "its such a nanna colour" (clearly kidding about the compliments part!!) ,, Ive decided its an absolute winner haha. i mean, really, i have reddish hair and green eyes----- WAS I NOT BORN TO WEAR EMERALD?

So yeah. thats me for the past few days :)
and it's all been rather divine, thanks for asking.

Love Hannah ! xxx


  1. FLOWERS?! Slightly jealous! The last time I got flowers was probably over a year ago. Hmm I think I might buy myself a bunch just for funzies haha. Also, agree with the awesomeness of the second photo and that yes, you were definitely born to wear emerald!


  2. I think your boyfriend needs to teach my boyfriend some lessons.

    I have a jumper in that colour which I LOVE, but it is very grandpa-ish. If it was bigger, I could definitely see my granda wearing it, so I don't think you're doing too bad with your nana cardy! I think it looks lovely on you, but with aforementioned jumper perhaps you shouldn't trust my taste?