Sunday, July 5, 2009

Young ones, the wait is over!

As promised, Sophie dearest did indeed wear her cream leather pants last night!

She did actually try and work her way out of wearing them but, rest assured, i did resort to a guilt trip and won the fight gloriously;;; "but weve both blogged about it and promised you would. We cant disappoint people like that." yessss!

Unfortunately, however, neither of us had a camera so had to resort to my phone, which doesnt really do the pants the justice they deserve. Oh well, what can you do. Make sophie wear them again sometime??? well that is a possibility. But for now, well just have to deal with it.

If only you could do a web-wolf-whistle.
I adore the zip up the back! Why was I not also born a size 8? *tear*

The not-so-impressive Malls Balls.



But yes it was a pretty fun night :) But probably the last night on the town we'll have before Europe for money saving purposes. OH MY GOODNESS THERES ABOUT 69 DAYS TO GO. And we have about 30 cents in our purses.

But we must get around to doing a post about where we're going as a few have asked. And the funny part is were not actually entirely sure ourselves yet. It all depends on $$$.

Anyway, one last picture of myself pulling a (yet again) lovely face.

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good night!


Love Hannah xxx


  1. =O Awesome pants.

    Ree-Reowr. <- my version of a web-wolf-whistle.

    Good luck with the savings! I'm in the same boat - it's HARD! =)

    Bambola x

  2. those pants are pretty awesome!

    hooo-hoooo! (a web-wolf-whistle. ya like?)
    have fun on your trip!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Fashion Handglide, I really appreciate it

  3. hey :)

    Bath is not the greatest place to shop, it's a tiny city!! actually most days i do my shopping online now but you can find the usual Topshop, H&M, no Zara I'm afraid :( also there's this really pretty decor & gift shop near Jollys (House of Fraser) on Milton street called vinegar hill, it's one of my fav non-clothese shops! :)


  4. The pants look fantastic, I've not idea what Sophie was hesitant about. You both lovely. Can't wait to hear where you girls are going.


  5. Ooh cream leather pants! They look fantastic. Such a nice twist on the black, black and more black that seems to be everywhere atm. xx