Saturday, May 16, 2009


it's a rainy Sunday afternoon.. i'm pretty much in my element.
Rain and sesame snaps alone are possibly the two best things in the world. (this week)

so, i (Sophie) went shopping
 yesterday with my boyfriend, to IKEA and Harbour Town, had an amazing day.. and he came home about $750 lighter.
after buying a desk and a awesome chair, for the desk, he decided to go all out and purchase a $250 leather jacket.. and i will say it, i am very impressed. 
kudos for boyfriend.

i was quite happy also, having purchased a lovely All About Eve hoodie and HAREM pants, finally! though, boyfriend's comment was.. let's just say.. a litle negative.

so, i work with a girl called Lauren who had the biggest album collection on Facebook that i have ever seen.
it's her 'project 365'
her friend and her have made a deal to take a picture everyday for 2009, hence the '365'.
she's a gorgeous girl, and takes fantastic, entertaining photos! 

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