Monday, May 18, 2009

Breathe in deep.

While everyone worked away in their offices, cafes and shops, I (Hannah) was lucky enough to spend three days in the beautiful Flinders Ranges as a leader on a year 10 school camp. Three days of perfect scenery, could I ask for anything better!? Well actually hiking the millions of steep hills with 20kg on my back could have been improved upon with say, an escalator, but the view from the topwouldn't have been nearly as rewarding! Excuse the less than average quality photos; I only had my phone camera which didn't really do the scenery it's much deserved justice. Well all in all, it was such a brilliant trip! We had perfect weather and the group of students were almost all lovely!   

It was also good preparation for the 5 day Grampians hike that I will also be leading on in a weeks time ! hello excitement!!


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