Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your hands and your heart are my home.

A little late i know, but these are some photos of us from the weekend. We were attending michael's 21st.. hes the brother of dan (sophs boyfriend) and a bestfriend of Jared (Hannahs boyfriend).. small world isnt it!

But yes, thought we should feature our beloved boyfriends, as we will be leaving them alone to run riot in Australia while we head off for jam and scones in Europe.


Sophie and Daniel!! (Soph in her new bargain Valleygirl dress!!)

Soph Hannah and Jared.
OH ANDDD,, if youre wondering whats on my (Hannah's) forhead.. its medical tape.. I had a cyst removed (dont worry, i got the results back, and it wasnt anything bad).. so yeah, its covering stitches.

how could we not miss these beautiful faces!!

So yes, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far :)


take care all,

Sophie(left) and Hannah (right)xoxox


  1. Ahh!! Almost a week til you guys leave! How exciting.

    Looks like you guys had a great night. Despite having a 'cheap and nasty' reputation - sometimes Valleygirl can have some AWESOME pieces! Soph - that dress is clearly one of them! =)

    & yay for surprises in the mail!

    Also - would you guys, if you have time, want to do an entry for the Lovers' Diary? I'd kinda like it if you did =) xxx

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend x

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