Sunday, August 23, 2009

flowers and ticking clocks

Hello :)

Today was my first day off in FOREVER. so i decided to spend it with my family.. shopping and what-not :)

I was in desperate need of a lightweight sleeping bag (for Europe, naturally.) and i got a perfect one in bright orange, so pretty happy!

i also bought this dress;

it was $25.. and i got it in the 'blue' pattern.. i'm thinking, perfect for my non-existant spring/end of summer wardrobe :)
but i was looking for a skirt initially, and the bottom part of this dress is perfect! (trust me; it looks better in real life)

anyway; after seeing my extended family for the last time until Christmas, i'm pretty exhausted. We talked on Skype with our cousins in Queensland, which was amazing. :) i miss them very much.

so; 20 sleeps to go.
very unorganized in regards to WHAT we're actually doing in Europe.. but i'm sure it'll get there.

nighty night :)
Sophie xo!

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  1. Pretty floral dress!

    One Love,