Thursday, July 23, 2009

it's harder than it looks.

wow, do i ever hate self timer on my camera..
i just feel so silly!
i don't know how every other blogger can do it.. (so, secrets?) i guess having a willing friend/husband/boyfriend helps.

anyway, i did this quick post becasue i went shopping with my friend today.. clearances of clearances are amazing and i got this fabulous jacket for $30.. plus a jumper ($20) and a very large sportsgirl t-shirt ($10)
essentials; naturally!

i was looking everywhere for decent jeans. but i'm nearly as picky with my jeans as i am with my bags.
so, i was wondering your opinions on this Sportsgirl one? - a satchel - appropriate for Europe?

sorry about the HORRIBLE editing on my photo.. bytheway!

Love Sophie xo!


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  2. OMG I feel the same way when I use the self timer, I have to set the camera then run and pose lol, most bloggers use a remote, I really need to get one and I'm also really picky with jeans. The satchel is perfect and its a great color! this is such a lovely blog :)

  3. OMG like so freaking hot. wanna mount that!

  4. (just letting you know, that was my boyfriend.. being.. my boyfriend) sophie xo