Monday, June 1, 2009

We must count ourselves the lucky ones.

Sophie and I spent our Saturday night with our favey girls for a night of extravagant dancing in our wonderful capital city, Adelaide. 
We had the most magical time; impossibly high shoes and our own personal economic recessions certainly didnt spoil any aspects whatsoever! Although, have to admit, sitting down and resting our feet was a highlight!!


Hannah (left) - Kookai ruffle top
- Sportsgirl skirt
- Witchery Shoes
- Borrowed no tag clutch

Sophie (right) - Kmart top
- Blue Juice Skirt
- NO!shoes! shoes 

Nothing compares to a girls night! Just as nothing compares to Donnies (McDonalds) after two hours of sleep before work haha

Oh and I read something on a bathroom wall, that i though was so nice i had to write it down because amidst all the profanities, messages of hate and crap tags was;

"Why do you all focus on hate? Love is the better option, for others, but also for ourselves"

And on that lovely note, i shall sign off and go and read a book! 
Hope all are well, 

Hannah x


  1. What a lovely thing to read on a toilet wall - better than (X <3z Y) that's for sure!

    =) Glad you had a good night - I've never heard of Macca's being called Donnies - that's awesome x

  2. either had i until our friend jess came out with it the morning we wanted some!

  3. you girls are just gorgeous!!!!
    for lipstick recs - definitely try out MAC they have such an amazing range of colours! I'd check out the corals, coral/golds, pinky reds & also use the salesperson for their expertise! Lipstick is so much fun :)
    Also if you find alot of things you love there, you can book in to get your makeup done & the price of that you can redeem in products. I'm waiting til I plan a night out & I'm going to do just that!!
    Hope this helps!

  4. You blog is adorable!!!! Are you two sisters? I wish my sister was as into blogs as I am !!