Monday, June 15, 2009

we could lie in bed all day..

Sunday the 14th of June, My boyfriend and i celebrated our three years of looove!

nothing special, we just did what we do best.
drank and slept.

and i couldn't have asked for a more perfect anniversary!

apart from the horrible, sickening sugar hangover i had the next day.
Sugar hangover.
i consumed more sugar than alcohol that night. including the NEW cruiser.. which is fairy floss absoluteBLISS.

Ladakh Jacket (neeeew. and in looove!)
Kookai top (worn underneath)
and Blue Juice skirt.
(yes, Adelaide is quite chilly.)

Sophie xo!

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  1. Thanks for the comment :)

    If you want people to read your blog, what I find helps is posting about what you love, not posting for the sake of visitors. Get yourself out there, once people start to see your blog, whether its because you have commented on another person's blog, or if you are linked in a blogging community, etc, word will get around. For now, just enjoy the hobby of blogging, and don't worry about visitors/traffic etc, just have fun!