Monday, June 8, 2009

dancing feet.


I bought some new shoes! It was a toss up between these lovely sportsgirl tan leather laceups and these from betts shoes ;

I decided to go for the sportsgirl shoes.. yes i know, soon everyone will have them, but i dont care :) Besides, the Betts ones were only acrylic which i thought was silly for the price.

Today was a reasonably good day,, finally vacuumed my bedroom! And met up with a friend for coffee.

I wore; - Bardot blouse
- Sass and Bide jeans
- Sportsgirl shoes

I thought i looked a bit plane-jane but i did get a few people looking me up and down; due to living in such a small town, where people wearing anything other than a cotton on mens jumper (girls included) and skater shoes is rare. I'm certain I wasnt just being paranoid.

I did enjoy my day off though.. its a rare occurrence to have a whole uninterupted day.

Love Hannah x


  1. Good choice! I much prefer the sportsgirl shoes too. I don't know why, but betts shoes always look a bit off to me :s x Sushi

  2. wise decision! this will take you through all the seasons!