Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Barbie's hair looks nothing like the picture.

i found my 'Shopping Chic' Barbie today.
my boyfriend proceeded to put her in my martini glass and pronounce her 'Dita Von Teese'.
(who is gorgeous, by the way.)
i guess she could have been valuable once, but her and her little poodle are both a bit worse for wear.

anyway.. i finally purchased a top to wear with my State of Georgia leather pants today.. :)
so, photos another day. hurray.

12 weeks until we leave for EUROPE. excited!



  1. I have been wanting lovely pants for years and have been to much of a wuss to pull the trigger. Maybe if I do the Shred for a few more months I can reward my new hot bod with a pair. The beating our bodies take by having bambinos. Ugh.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and for the encouragement to buy the coat, haha! :)

    Whereabouts do you work in Hahndorf? Haven't been there in ages, but my favourite gelati place is there, have you tried Evercream's amazing ice cream? L O V E ! Bruno is so so lovely as well, miss his Norwood store!

    Very jealous of your Europe trip! 3 whole months! Was supposed to go back for a visit in September as well, but sadly, won't be happening for a while :(

  3. hey, lovely lovelyy blog, & your travelling plans sound really cool. where in europe are you going? like all over? i dont know if id recommend scotland (the weathers getting better, but its still pretty dullish), but im sure you guys will have a reeally good time:)x

  4. Ahh I found that Barbie/Dita Von Teese story hilarious. Mmmm leather pants. Outfit post please! I just like seeing other people pull off the look, because I can't haha.