Friday, May 22, 2009

hello.immiserable. how are you?

mum & I (Sophie) went to an 'Emma Page' night last week. (Emma Page is a beautiful jewellery brand my mum is connected to via Amway) it was really good, the speaker was an 'image' specialist.. i think.
anyway, she taught us about the right way to wear jewellery and clothes with different patterns to suit our body.

but the first speaker said.. probably the one thing that.. in all my life of listening to public speakers.. hit me hardest.

"People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." 

oh, and my next purchase ;) Euphoria baby!

so, obervations of this week..

5 questions a 'checkout chick' should never..;
1.  ask a mother, kids with her, on a week-day morning - "how are you?"
2. ask a man.. say, around 60 or so.. "do you have fly buys?"
3. ask a lady, aged around 60ish.. "do you mind how heavy your bags are packed" (even if they have 50 items.. and ONE green bag.
4. a smoker - "sorry WHAT kind of cigarette was that?"
5. ANYTHING about meat.

i have come to the conclusion.. i have a love/hate relationship with green bags.

so, onto more enthralling things.. 
i bought a jacket i have been 'eyeing' off these past few weeks in a friends shop.. 
a Ladakh denim.. jacket thing.
YES. HANNAH. i bought it. and YES. we can share ;)

so, i'm going to be spending my Saturday night cleaning my room,
OH and i got a parking ticket.

Europe - hurry up.

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